Sermon Quote Vids

The perfect way to share your Sunday sermon throughout the week!

What's a Sermon Quote Vid?
You preach a sermon every Sunday, but it's a struggle to consistently come up with content to engage your congregation on social media throughout the rest of the week. Why not use the sermon you've already preached?
A Sermon Quote Vid is exactly that! We pull a clip from your Sunday sermon, add captions, an eye catching design and format it for the social media channels your congregation already uses everyday!
How Does It Work?
We find the best moment in your Sunday sermon, edit that clip into the right size, shape and length for social media, add captions and an eye catching design using your church’s logo, colors and even elements from your current series, and send you the finished quote vid in two versions, one for social feeds (like Facebook and Instagram) and the other for full screen social media (like Stories, IGTV, Reels and TikTok). Then it’s as easy as uploading the quote vids to your church’s social media whenever you’re ready.
We like to keep things simple and streamlined at What that means is on Sunday after you’ve recorded or live streamed your sermon all you need to do is upload your video to our shared Dropbox or Google Drive folder, then you’ll receive an email with a download link when your quote vids are ready! (Usually on Monday or Tuesday)
How Much Does It Cost?
We know that church budgets are tight, so we use our own in house template system to cut down on the time and cost of creating sermon quote vids and we work hard to pass those savings onto you!
When you sign up, you'll get a new sermon quote vid every week for only $250 per month! And what's even better is we always give you the first one for FREE! 
Fill out the form below with your church info and payment details, and we'll have your FREE sermon quote vid ready in 1-2 business days! If you don't love your sermon quote vid, cancel your subscription within 10 days and you won't be charged anything!

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