Sermon Quote Vids

The perfect way to share your Sunday sermon throughout the week!

What's a Sermon Quote Vid?
You preach a sermon every Sunday, but it's a struggle to consistently come up with content to engage your congregation on social media throughout the rest of the week. Why not use the sermon you've already preached?
A Sermon Quote Vid is exactly that! We pull a clip from your Sunday sermon, add captions, an eye catching design and format it for the social media channels your congregation already uses everyday!
Why Sermon Quote Vids?
It's hard to deny that social media is where most people spend their free time. The time people used to spend watching TV, reading books and magazines and even playing games is now mostly spent on a handful of social media apps. As the body of Christ, we're called to preach the Good News where the people are. So why wouldn't we be spending our time a resources proclaiming Jesus on social media?
Sermon Quote Vids are an easy way to preach the Gospel on social media. You're already said the words during your sermon, why not highlight those words with a modern video designed for social media and post it on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube so they can encourage people throughout the week?
For Believers and Non-Believers!
Sermon Quote Vids are fantastic for helping bring the Word of God into the lives of your congregation throughout the week. Instead of hearing the Word on Sunday and forgetting it the rest of the week, Sermon Quote Vids help remind your congregation to actively participate in God's Word throughout the week!
Not only are they great for believers, Sermon Quote Vids are a great way to spread the Good News and bring new people into the flock! Many churches use these types of videos as ads on Facebook and Instagram to funnel new people into the four walls of their church, and into the body of Christ!
Ready To Get Started?
We offer Sermon Quote Vids as a service instead of on a per project basis.
You can get a single Sermon Quote Vid for $75 or one a week for $250 per month.
Whether you'd like to get a new video each week or if you'd just like to buy a few a la carte, we'd love to make you one Sermon Quote Vid for FREE! Use the contact form to get started and make sure you mention you'd like a FREE Sermon Quote Vid!
Thanks for contacting us about a FREE Sermon Quote Vid! We'll email you at the address you provided to get started!

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