Sermon Bumper Videos

Brand your sermon series with a custom sermon bumper!

What is a Sermon Bumper?
A Sermon Bumper is 15-60 second video that plays as the preacher is stepping onto stage before they preach a sermon. It's meant to help quiet the congregation and get them into the right headspace to hear the message that's about to be preached, as well as allow for a smooth transition time for stage crew to reset the stage after worship before the sermon is taught. Many churches also use their sermon bumpers as promotional material on social media to get their congregation excited for a new sermon series.  
What's A Sermon Bumper From Like?
We like to start with what your sermon series is going to be about and any relevant ideas you might have for the bumper. We do our best to make sure the overall style and feel matches the theme of your series and your series graphics. We come up with a concept and start working form there! In just a few days you'll have series bumper that'll impress your congregation and new visitors as well!
Ready to get Started?
Use the form to contact us about a sermon bumper for your church! We can even offer you a discount on Sermon Quote Vids as part of a package deal with your sermon bumper!
Thanks for contacting us about a Sermon Bumper Video! We'll email you back as soon as we can to get the project started!

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