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What's the GaryVee Content Model?
The GaryVee Content Model is the system Gary Vaynerchuk uses to build one of the most comprehensive and influential personal brands in the world. His model has been emulated by thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the world to build their personal brands and their businesses. Whether you're a budding social media influencer, a mom and pop store, or a thriving real estate company, the GaryVee Content Model can help you grow bigger and faster than any other system out there today!
If you're not familiar with the GaryVee Content Model, check out the slide deck Gary and his team created to give an overview of how it works.
How Does It Work?
The GaryVee Content Model is predicated on a “reverse pyramid” model. You make one piece of long form video content. This piece of content is then broken up into many smaller pieces of content and distributed on various social media platforms. In the slide deck for the GaryVee Content Model, Gary gives the example of using the video recording of a speech he gave at a Dutch Bros. event and turning it into 33 pieces of content to be posted across 20 platforms generating 35 million views. That's a lot of content and a lot of views from just one speech!
How Do I Do It?
It all starts with your pillar content. Once you know what your pillar content is and how you'll create it, the rest of the model starts to fall into place. Not sure what your pillar content should be? We suggest a podcast! Not sure what you'll say in your podcast? Interview guests who are experts in your field! A once weekly video and audio podcast is the perfect pillar content to build your brand!
It's a simple concept, but the GaryVee Content Model takes a lot of planning and work to accomplish. Gary doesn't do that all on his own, and neither should you. But building your own team from scratch takes a lot of work and even more money. Why not let help? 
What Can Do to Help?
From consulting to content creation to distribution, can help you implement the GaryVeee Content Model! We like to start out with a consultation call to learn about your brand, what parts of the content model you're already implementing, how you can improve on what you're already doing, and how can help create content for your brand!
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