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What's a jodia.site?

Built on the Jodia System, a jodia.site is a machine that works online to build relationships with online visitors, turning them into loyal customers for your business! It's a four part system that starts with...

a beautiful site for your business

1. A beautiful site for your business!

The website is just the first part in the Jodia System, the thing that makes jodia.sites so great!

Your business needs a presence online! When people type your name into Google, they need to find you! A Facebook page is nice, but it's no replacement for a real website with a real URL. Yes, a jodia.site is a website where people can go to find you online, but it's so much more than that!

A jodia.site is a beautiful site that looks great no matter what size screen you are looking at it with! It is always up to date with your current information, and it makes it easy for visitors to know who you are, what you do, and how to buy your product or service!

But most importantly, a jodia.site is designed to get people onto your Follow Up List!

2. A Follow Up List that’s always growing!

Facebook lets you grow a list of people who "Like" your business, but you don't actually own that list, Facebook does.

That's why it seems so hard to actually communicate to your followers through Facebook. Facebook isn't looking out for your bottom line, they're looking out for their own.

The best way to communicate to your customers is to build a list that you control. The Follow Up List on your jodia.site is a list that you own and you control!

Plus, the your Follow Up List is always growing! Since your jodia.site is designed to get people to sign up for your Follow Up List, as long as you have new people trying to find you online, your list is always growing!


3. Automation that builds relationship!

What good is a list if you don't talk to them? But then again, what business owner has time to write posts and newsletters?

The Follow Up Automation built into the Jodia System is designed to build relationships and trust with the people on your Follow Up List! All of this happens in the background without constant input from you, the business owner! 

The Follow Up Automation happens through email and other means over the course of several weeks. It's not just a generic newsletter or a list of deals, we tell your story.

By doing this, visitors grow a relationship with you and your business and become customers who are way more likely to buy from you again and again!

4. New loyal customers for your business!

At jodia.media, we build jodia.sites that work in the background, automatically building a list and creating a following for your business. We're not looking to make a quick buck for your business, we're working to grow a following of loyal customers who come back to buy from you time and time again! This kind of customer base sees the ads and lower prices of your competition and laughs, because they've already decided that they're only going to buy from you!

The reason for all of this isn't to get you a nice website. The whole point of the Jodia System and your jodia.site is to create loyal customers for your business, in the background, out of sight and mind for you the business owner!

That's why we say, this isn't a website, #THISISAJODIASITE!


How It Works

A jodia.site is a new opportunity for business! It's not just another website or design trend, a jodi.site is so much more!

josia.sites are built from the ground up to build relationships with your customers and create a loyal following for your business. 

Because this is such a new idea and product, before you buy a jodia.site we would like to teach you more about how it works and why a jodia.site is the right choice for your business. 

Please join our next webinar to learn more about jodia.sites, the Jodia System and what jodia.media can do for you!


Build on The Jodia System!
  • Proven Design Built On The Jodia System!
  • No Set Up Cost!*
  • Usually Ready For Visitors In Two Weeks!
  • Pay Month To Month
  • No Long Term Contract
  • Changes Done For You (Usually In Two Weeks)
  • Security Done For You
  • Backups Done For You
  • Updates Done For You
  • Maintenance Done For You
  • Optimization Done For You
  • Peace Of Mind That Your jodia.site Is Taken Care Of

Four Seasons Nursery

Fast Updates For A Seasonal Business & A Growing Follow Up List

Tim Elbert, the owner and operator of Four Seasons Nursery in Medford Oregon needed a new website. As a garden store, Four Seasons Nursery is a highly seasonal business. This means that when Tim needs a change to his website, he needs it now! He also relies heavily on his email newsletter for customer retention and growth.

The old Four Seasons Nursery website was a dated, but more importantly made it difficult for visitors to sign up for the email newsletters. Employees would often find themselves helping customers sign up for the newsletter at the nursery. To top that off, when Tim needed a change on his website, he found that his web designer would often drag his feet to make the needed changes. This created headaches for Tim, and lost sales for Four Seasons Nursery.

A new jodia.site changed all of that! FourSeasonsNurseryOnline.com is designed in a way that makes it easy for visitors to sign up for Tim's Follow Up List and Tim has the peace of mind knowing that any changes he needs will be made in 2 weeks or less! 

Photo of Tim Elbert, Owner of Four Seasons Nursery in Medford Oregon
Tim Elbert, Owner of Four Seasons Nursery

I've Been Building Websites For Over A Decade!

But It Turns Out I've Been Building Them Wrong...

I'm Josiah Douglas. My wife Lydia and I are the founders of jodia.media

For years, my interests have been in video and graphic design. 

Soon after graduating college, me and a couple of my friends decided to start a show on YouTube called ThoughFuel. I made the logos, graphics and edited the videos. I was also in charge of figuring out how to build a website.

I ended up building a website with iWeb, a free program that came with my computer. The website was okay, but it wasn't right. That's when I started learning WordPress.

Fast forward a few years, and ThoughtFuel was over. But now I knew how to build websites!

I built websites here and there for friends and relatives and made a few hundred bucks on the side. Lydia and I were starting a family, and I could use every cent I could get my hands on.

The websites I built looked great and functioned well. I was happy with them and my few clients were happy with them. But in the end, I never made much money. I couldn't ever make more than a few hundred from each one and that's not enough to feed my family.

Then one day I read a statistic...

Only 20% of websites are built in a way that makes money for that business.

I was shocked! What kind of dumb web designers made such bad websites that they didn't actually make any money for the business they are making the website for!? What morons!

But after a little bit more reading I realized, those were the kind of websites I was making.

Turns out, just because a website looks good, doesn't mean it's working for that business.

Just because a website is responsive and works well on a phone, doesn't mean it creates new customers.

Just because a website doesn't crash when you try to use it, doesn't mean it's a good investment.

So, not only was I building websites that didn't make me much money, they weren't even working well for the business I built them for.

So that's when I decided that I was going to figure out how to make a website that worked so well for the business that hired me, that they wouldn't mind paying me enough that I could afford to feed my family!

After reading and searching and trying different things, I finally figured out something really important. 

The key for me to make money building websites is the same key for those website to be useful and actually bring new customers into their business!

The best way for a business to make money isn't by building a great website, it's by building great relationships with customers!

The best part was, I figured out how to do that online! It's through a system I'm calling the Jodia System, and I'm implementing it through something new I'm calling jodia.sites!

My wife Lydia and I are working hard to bring this new idea to the world, and into your business! 

A jodia.site isn't a website, it's a new opportunity for businesses to build a long lasting relationship with their customers, without having to do any real hands on work!

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